YoPa Discount App

Send Weekly Updates on Promotions to Your Customers with YoPa

Give your fans, wish-list friends, and customers weekly updates on promotions and specials that your company is running without having to spend more than a few minutes on it. Many business owners forget to advertise because they have so much on their plate, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you and your business. Give your customers instant access to information on your best specials and discounts with just a few taps. Deliver all the information your customer needs on your promotions directly to the screen of their mobile. How? With YoPa, of course.

With YoPa, advertising is quick and easy and finding the best specials, deals, and promotions is even easier. Downloading the app takes just a few seconds! YoPa is a new app that is readily available in the app store of your choice. Download it and start sharing information with other users. As a member, you can also have instant specials and promo details sent to you.

Best of all, you can decide what type of promos you are most interested in. Love designer jackets, but don’t want to trudge through thousands of them? Tell the app that and you will only receive information on specials on the products of your choice. Members love it because it’s customisable. Advertisers and business owners love it because the audience is targeted and absolutely every advert and message is sent to just the right people… those who are actually interested.

With the YoPa app, sending out weekly updates on promotions is simple and rewarding. Now you can watch your sales figures spike as more and more targeted consumers find you and your products and make the most of the convenience. Your customers will never miss any of your weekly updates on promotions ever again.

Want to chat with us about joining YoPa and getting your name and services out there? Contact us via email of telephone today. One of our friendly consultants will help you to take the next step.