Sales Promotion

Take You Sales Promotion to the Next Level with YoPa

If you want to sell and sell fast, YoPa is the way to go. YoPa is a smartphone app, but it’s not what you think. YoPa is not just “another” app to hit your app store and eventually fade into obscurity. It’s an app with a purpose. It’s an app with a plan. It’s an app that can take your company to the next level. Start off with just one sales promotion and you will wonder how you ever thought your business would get ahead without it.

A sales promotion on YoPa is simplicity itself to set up and your campaign will become the ultimate convenience for consumers. The thing about YoPa is that all its members are only provided with content from advertisers and sellers that share their interests and that means that every person viewing your sales promotion is 100% interested in your particular product and business. Imagine advertising always worked that way! Sales would be up and your bottom line would be healthy. YoPa is going to do that for you!

As a seller or advertiser on YoPa, you can sell items to your target audience. Advertising a sales promotion is simple and thousands of interested consumers will see your advert in a matter of minutes. Consumers love shopping for specials, but they don’t want to see their screens flooded with every conceivable special. With YoPa, the special is seen by the person who wants to see it and, in just a few taps, the consumer can buy it and have it on its way.

It’s not just about sales promotion though. Imagine presenting a special to a consumer and they are having a rough month, so they have to pass up on the opportunity. That could be sad, but for YoPa! Imagine this… there’s an app that delivers the details of specials and promotions to just the right people. Those who cannot afford to splash out that month can share the information with their family, friends, and loved ones. Now they can be treated to the item or they can help you make sales to other interested parties. Now that’s taking the whole “word of mouth” concept to an entirely new level!

Tired of hosting sales promotion campaigns with disappointing returns? Well, then it’s time to do things differently. Download the YoPa app to your smartphone. Get in touch with us so that we can get you set up with using YoPa for your upcoming sales promotions and campaigns.