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Advertise your sales and discounts to the right audience

​Overview / Introduction

It is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to choose the right strategy and the tools that are compatible with existing operations and ways of marketing their inventory during Sales and Promotions to target audiences.

​​ ‘YoPa will help your business to centralize your target market during promotional periods and market your products to desired consumers . It’s time to increase traffic to both your physical and online stores during sales” ‘’ Businesses having sales and promotions don't have a method to centralize their target market and no real-time update platform to market their product to the consumer(s) at the right period as a result of that, they are experiencing a significant decrease in traffic through both online and offline store(s). ‘’

​​ Who do we deal with ? We deal both online and offline stores (E-commerce & Physical Shops). Let consumers know about that specials you are offering.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Enhance and leverage word of mouth/social marketing to previously unreachable markets.
  • Increasing ROI’s.
  • Target new client segments, including the untapped local client base.
  • Reach Non targeted markets
  • Increase in traffic during sale and promotion periods.
  • Web Application and optimal environment for direct marketing for future products
  • A platform where your customers can follow and keep track of your company/products.
  • Increase Serendipity

Real Time

With our technology, You can always be certain that users are seeing your product as soon as it is published rather than requiring that the consumers check their source periodically for updates.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our Web App is an easy to use modern interface where deals can be uploaded and managed.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Yopa is designed for mobile too so you can post your sales, review candidates and more while you’re on the go..

Integrated Analytics:

Your dashboard features real-time analytics , you can get insights into your post and keep track of your product popularity and much more.

Multiple Post/Integration

Post and manage more than one product and location without the stress of having multiple profiles.


Our Web App gives you the flexibility to decide the cycle, products and stores you want to market.


Multiple Access Store


Highly Secure for you and Customers


Responsive Design


Hassle Free

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