Daily Deals


Daily Deals Done Differently with the YoPa App

Are you looking for the best selection of daily deals aimed specifically at you? Of course you are, but what are the chances of finding a service that presents you with specials that you would definitely be interested in? Greater than you might think, actually! With YoPa, a fresh new app to hit the market, daily deals presented to you can be customised according to your interests and preferences. This means that you never have to spend another wasted minute scrolling through adverts and specials that you have absolutely no interest in again. Does that not sound like a dream come true?

With YoPa, daily deals have just taken a turn for the better. You do not have to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of specials out there, as only the ones that most interest you will hit your feed – when they are actually available.

How do you get on board? By joining the YoPa network. The YoPa app is already available for download from the Google Play store. Search for it, install it, and set up the app to connect you with the retailers offering specials, discounts, and deals that you are dying to know about. Sales and promotions are sent to your feed in real time, which means you will be the first to know when a product you love is available at just the right price for you.

If you find that your wish list is growing and you cannot yet afford the deals on offer, you can use the “Rescue” feature, which sends an alert to the family, friends, and connections on your app about your interest in the item. They can then choose to spoil you or not. It also gives them the opportunity to help you source specials or to tell you about great deals and specials they have found that you might find interesting.

YoPa is something to get excited about. There is no reason for your junk-mail folder should be flooded with spam just in case a special or discount comes along that might interest you. Rid yourself of all the unsolicited spam, remove yourself from those annoying SMS advertising lists, and get everything you need in one place…on your YoPa feed!

Download the app from the Google Play store or get in touch with us via email or telephone if you wish to learn more about YoPa and how we can bring daily deals to people just like you, efficiently and effortlessly.