Advertise Deals Online to the Right Audience First Time Around

Setting up a shop that caters to impulse shopping is a fine art and one that not many business owners have perfected over the years. With online advertising and sales taking the global market by storm, one has to wonder if impulse shopping is a thing of the past or if it can be incorporated into modern online marketing strategies. Well, we have good news for you! It can be, and it has never been easier to grab the attention of a shopper and appeal to the impulse shopper in them. No, we are not conjuring up some form of trickery to get your customers spending money fast. We know that you have a good-quality series of products on offer and we are suggesting that we know a way to get that product noticed and sold out quicker than ever before.

Shopping for deals and specials can be a full-time job for the consumer. In fact, it can become downright tiring and tedious. Think about it; you want to buy a product from your favourite store or brand, but there just seems to be no way to find out about specials and discounts as they happen. And when you do, it is too late, or the special has long since expired, or stock has run out. This scenario paints a pretty bleak picture. Now think about this: You are dying to find out about the latest deals, specials, and discounts from your favourite brands and shops. All you do is open a simple-to-use app on your smartphone and boom! There it all is: Specials, discounts, and limited offers that appeal to your specific interests and preferences right there are on your screen.

Purchases are a mere click or two away and sending big “I would love to have this!” hints to your other half, family, and friends is just a few clicks away. How amazing would that be? So, have never heard of YoPa? Don’t worry, it has only just hit the market and it is an app that you can download to your smartphone right now.

Is YoPa Just Another “Deals” Website?

You could be forgiven for thinking that YoPa is just another website joining the thousands of others offering one day only sales, price comparisons, and similar, but you would be wrong! A consumer using the YoPa app only sees deals from brands, categories, and product types that they have elected to see. This way, it cuts out all the irrelevant “fluff” that we all know annoys consumers and sends them running. Once a user has decided what type of deals they are interested in, they can “smash” unwanted products from their timeline. It is all about instant gratification with YoPa. It is an impulse shopper’s (and business owner’s) dream come true.

Do you want to make sure that your products are promoted live on the YoPa app? Do you want to be one of the first consumers to take advantage of the deals and specials advertised on YoPa? Sign up as a retailer for a free trial or send us an email for further information.