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Advertise Your Specials Online

Imagine being able to locate a discounted price on your favourite brand or product instantly. Imagine cutting out all those hours spent searching the Internet and every store in your neighbourhood for the best deal on a product or service. Well, now you don’t have to imagine it anymore. It’s all a reality with the brand-new YoPa app. And YoPa isn’t just great for the consumer. It’s an exceptional marketing tool for businesses too. If you own a business and you haven’t thought of advertising your specials online with YoPa, you are going to miss out on the Next Big Thing in digital marketing.

Why You Should Advertise Your Specials Online with the YoPa App

The YoPa app is not just another automated website designed to bombard consumers with content that may or may not be relevant to their wants and needs. This app is designed to personalise the shopping experience for the consumer and to ensure that business promotions make it onto the screens of the consumers specifically looking for their products. You might wonder how this is possible when there are bound to be thousands of products competing for the same screen space and exposure.

That’s where YoPa is unique. It allows consumers to pre-set the type of products, brands, and items they are most interested in. It also allows users to remove (or “smash”) products from their timeline that they feel aren’t relevant or interesting. This ensures that business adverts and promotions are being shown to the right target audience. What’s even more impressive is that users can let their families and friends know about the products they are keen on. Spreading the word is a great way to get more products sold and to gain more interest in your range.

YoPa App Features

It can be difficult to find the right marketing strategy for your business and the YoPa team understands this. With this in mind, the developers have done everything possible to include a wealth of features and functionality that makes YoPa a great digital marketing choice. These include:

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